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she/her pronouns

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people who compare otherkin hate to racism/transphobia/whatever are awful

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*points at kintype* me

*anti otherkin baby crying voice* stop… this is not ur kintype… u are human… stop… you are not this thing…. this is fake… you are not this fake thing….

*points at kintype* luvin that kintype

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made my about + description less tacky they were kinda corny

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why do boys call other boys “pretty boy” as an insult???? that’s probably the most flattering thing anyone could ever say to me?? call me pretty boy. tell me im the prettiest boy you’ve ever seen

this post sucks

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all that glitters is gold only shooting stars break the mold

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dog pleasure night 

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Anonymous asked: slut jokes are no longer funny they are just annoying and so r kin jokes and so are ironic urls in general



@anon stop being slutkinphobic

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If we kissed:

  • [] This wouldn’t happen.
  • [] Oh disgusting.
  • [] Again, again.
  • [] Kiss you back.
  • [] Let’s take this to the bedroom.
  • [] Slap/Push you away.
  • [] Be confused

If you asked me out I’d say:

  • [] Um no.
  • [] I’m taken-
  • [] Sure.

Can we cuddle?:

  • [] No.
  • [] Ew.
  • [] Sure.
  • [] YES.


  • [] Let’s do it.
  • [] No. You can’t handle my d.
  • [] FUCK YES.
  • [] No.

Should you reblog this?:

  • [] Yes. I want to send you one.
  • [] Yes.
  • [] No.
  • [] You already did.
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i want to get off of mr bones wild ride 

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don’t let tumblr make you think educations not important please go to college

Okay stop, not everyone needs to go to college, this post is poop

im laughing so hard @ op

abled people literally need to make everything about them always

i can clearly see that the hardships disabled people suffer within the education system never occurred to OP

also its classist as well as ableist

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i always randomly hear someone shout my (birth) name while listening to music but no ones there its weird and it freaks me out

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